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How To Deal With Ice Pick headaches

Ice pick headache is also termed as a stabbing headache as in this situation a person who is suffering from it feels that someone is sharply stabbing his head with an ice pick. People, who are suffering from a migraine, experience it a lot. These stabs remain just for few seconds but its pain remains for long. Sometimes it happens after unequal intervals of time. It causes pain mostly in eyes and its orbit. If a person is experiencing migraine then he is going to face this pain commonly. Sometimes this pain comes with just one sudden stab or sometimes with the chain of stabs. An important thing to notice is that its duration is very short due to which its treatment becomes difficult. You may become patient of this Ice pick headache either you are suffering from a migraine or not but due to margarine, its chances become high. The probability of becoming a victim of this pain is high when your age is from 45 to 50.

Symptoms of Ice pick headache:

First of all the most important symptoms is jerks and jolts a person feels in his brain for a very short time of 10 seconds. Another symptom is the ice picks due to which eyes become swollen and he experiences eyes drooping.  Sometimes patient also suffers from pupil constriction. All these symptoms show that Ice picks headache targets eyes and its related area which makes the person most uncomfortable.

Causes of Ice pick headache:

                   Causes of Ice pick headache are not clear yet and are unknown as according to doctors it arises when the control mechanism of the brain becomes a disorder. A person starts feeling this pain when the brain does not send pain signals properly to the whole body. In order to trigger some causes of this pain, we can say that when a person takes much stress he may suffer from this pain. Another cause may be sudden and bright light which leads to this pain. Sometimes it happens due to sudden movement of the body. From all of these stress is most important so if a person is already experiencing this pain he should avoid taking tensions and stress.

Ice pick headache


As it is stated earlier that Ice pick headache comes with a sudden stab which duration is very short. Due to its short duration, it is very difficult to get its treatment. One thing you can do is to avoid the things which cause this pain. There is no proper medication which can be given to its patients. Indomethacin is a medicine which might be given in order to prevent its attack. On the other hand, this medicine has its side effects as well. It may cause bleeding from stomach, heartburn, eyes problems and nausea. So if a person is taking this medicine then he should get himself examined by a doctor on regular basis.

Another medicine which can serve in this regard is Melatonin. This medicine regulates the hormones which make the person sleep so that he may feel relaxed and become free of stress for some time. This medicine can be taken without doctor’s prescription but in the same way, it also has its side effects which can be listed as faintness and fatigue.

Except for these medications, most important and workable treatment is to take the things easy or not to take the stress. It is the best way to avoid pain and ant difficulty without any side effects.

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